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New Caledonia Tourism Launches “Coming Soon” competition

New Caledonia Tourism Launches “Coming Soon” competition

The consumer campaign part of New Caledonia Tourism’s relaunch strategy will see 2 lucky winners be in with a chance to win 2 return tickets to Noumea courtesy of Aircalin to discover the French pacific Island.

While waiting for the 7-day quarantine to end, this competition aims to prepare and encourage, Australian and New Zealanders to start their journey to New Caledonia

The launch of this new campaign sets the tone: New Caledonia and its tourism partners are ready for the resumption of tourism in New Caledonia. The destination, which has been open to international tourists since December 1 but which imposes a seven-day isolation on arrival, is preparing for the upcoming lifting of this restriction by inspiring its future travellers.

A pre-launch promotional campaign “Coming Soon”

The new campaign entitled “Coming Soon” was recently unveiled by New Caledonia Tourism to encourage the return of international visitors to New Caledonia via a unique and inspirational contest. Live on the official website of New Caledonia Tourism, directed at Australian and NZ visitors, primary markets for the destination, and aims to keep tourists engaged until the 7 day quarantine is lifted, by stimulating their interest in the archipelago. For Julie Laronde, Managing Director of NCT: “ This promotional operation is in line with a first teasing stage in our vast international strategic recovery plan for tourism built around 3 core angles: remobilize and support our industry partners in the recovery, rebuild the attractiveness of the destination and regain lost tourist flows”.

A competition to encourage travellers to plan their trip.

Until March 31, Internet users will be able to try their luck on the New Caledonia Tourism website to be selected for the big draw with two return tickets to Nouméa tickets offered by Aircalin. To support the reopening of the destination, the Caledonian international Airline, who has just unveiled its new website, has gladly partnered with New Caledonia Tourism to tickets to paradise for the Australian and Kiwi Travellers!

When trying their luck online, participants will discover a range of personalised experiences on the website, a great way to start planning their ultimate dream trip to New Caledonia! They can then download an ideal itinerary based on their preferences. By visiting the website, they will discover the many natural and cultural assets of New Caledonia and will be able to easily identify with the 4 traveller profiles offered within the game mechanics. A clever way for the destination to interact directly with:

  • The excitement seekers
  • The cultural explorers
  • The relaxers / escapers
  • The fun & sun seekers

A great opportunity for Aussie and Kiwi travellers to discover the destination and start planning their future trip.


Rebecca MARCHAL hello@nctourisme.com – +681 2 8123 0777

About New Caledonia Tourism
New Caledonia Tourism (NCT), the New Caledonia tourist promotion agency, is an economic interest group (EIG) that serves as an interface between its institutional and professional partners in the sector to promote the destination on the international stage under the brand “New Caledonia Pacific Heart”. First founded in 2001 and funded by the New Caledonian Government and by local professional members’ contributions, the organisation is based in Nouméa but also has representation in Australia, Japan, Mainland France and New Zealand.


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