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Find the main brochures of New Caledonia available for download.

Rendez-vous in New Caledonia" - Main brochure

The main brochure to help you sell the destination.

Map of New Caledonia

The touristic map of New Caledonia.

Summary of the destination New Caledonia

Downloadable document containing key information.

Cruise in New Caledonia

Stopovers in the heart of the South Pacific.

Roadtrip in New Caledonia

The main brochure to plan your roadtrips in New Caledonia.

Hiking in New Caledonia

The main brochure about hiking trails in New Caledonia.

Do/don't New Caledonia - Useful tips

22 things to know when planning a trip to New Caledonia.

New Caledonia overview

A printable document with key information.


Dive into the heart of the Pacific! - Tourism Flyer

Freediving, snorkelling or scuba diving, set off to explore dive sites.

It's swinging in the Pacific! - Tourism Flyer

Discover our four 18-hole golf courses, nestled in green settings.

Sail in the heart of the Pacific! - Tourism Flyer

By sail, by motor, by taxi boat … there are many ways to make the most of this jewel of the Pacific.

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