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Things to do in New Caledonia?

New Caledonia is your playground! Explore the variety of landscapes and hop between the mainland and the Islands to see what different regions have to offer. With its all year long beautiful climate, follow walking trails to waterfalls hidden in tropical forests. Or simply relax and take it easy at beautiful beaches, cultural attractions and art galleries. And if you’re after New Caledonia’s famous endemic species, flora and fauna lovers won’t be disappointed! From incredible landscapes and amazing new experiences, New Caledonia is a destination for everyone.

Close to Australia, New Caledonia is like nowhere else: a lagoon registered on the Unesco world heritage list. A main island, Grande Terre, with spectacular natural scenery and jaw-dropping islands will reveal the perfect combination of amazing landscapes and superb hospitality. 
Duration: 1min32

Nouméa, the capital city of New Caledonia. Several bays extend along the city, providing magnificent beaches and points of view. Besides its natural features, Nouméa also has very attractive cultural offerings for tourists who choose to visit there.
Duration: 2min36

You’ll never run out of things to do in New Caledonia. From the Heart of Voh to Upi bay, there is something for everyone!
Discover the best activities to do!
Duration: 39 seconds

Charmingly picturesque hotels and guesthouses, world-famous wonders of natural beauty, unforgettable experiences… New Caledonia really is a dream honeymoon destination! 

Few suggestions to inspire you…
Duration: 39 seconds

5 regions, 5 trips to New Caledonia! 
– Noumea : the cosmopolitan capital.
– The Great South : an incredible colour pallette
– The East Coast : tropical attitude.
– The West Coast : the caledonian Far West.
– The islands : natural beauty, a slice of island paradise.
Duration: 3min24

Dive into the heart of the Pacific, home to the 2nd largest coral reef in the world and 24,000 km2 of UNESCO World Heritage listed lagoons. Fascinating shipwrecks, native fishes, turtles, rays … so many splendid sites and majestic creatures to behold, in the crystalline waters of New Caledonia.
Duration: 25 seconds

On land or under the sea, by foot or by bike, New Caledonia is a surprising destination with hiking trails that will delight both amateurs and professionals. From underwater trails to overland trails, get ready to explore the paths of a protected territory with many rare native species…
Duration: 23 seconds

UNESCO world heritage lagoons, golden hills, green mountains, wild rivers… these are the many backdrops you can expect to experience whilst golfing in New Caledonia. From Nouméa to Bourail, find your perfect shot on one of the four 18-hole courses and enjoy the view!
Duration: 23 seconds

Up and coming Australian band “Crooked Colours” captured snippets of sound during their recent adventures in New Caledonia.
Duration: 2min23

In New Caledonia, nature does not conceal its pleasures. Idyllic beaches border the largest lagoon in the world, and thick forests are home to more than 3,000 native species; the French archipelago is a promise of the exoticness. Here is our top 10 must-see while in New-Caledonia!
Duration: 60 seconds


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